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about me

picture of me smiling on a couch in a blue shirt while holding my sister's calico cat Caramel who's out of frame

Hi, my name is Ryan Atkinson and I'm an independent web developer. I'm trying to make powerful and simple tools to help people be creative and productive in social contexts. I'm driven by curiosity and wanting to improve our lives with technology. My work is open source on GitHub and this website's homepage lists my ongoing projects. I'm also working on a social app framework that I'll announce and open source when it's further along.

I work on the web because for all its flaws, it's a collectively-governed sandboxed platform with backwards compatibility that runs everywhere, reaching more people with less friction than anything else. I care a lot about performance and giving power to users throughout the stack.

Some more info:

  • I was initially self-taught (ty internet) and I've been working as a JS-oriented web dev since 2011
  • in 2019 I started doing full-time open source, releasing everything I write for free with permissive licenses
  • I learned to code wanting to be a game programmer, but I fell in love with the web at my first job
  • my interest in making games continues as a hobby in,, Svelte Snake Sports, Earbetter, and other abandonings
  • I like Svelte and SvelteKit so much that you shouldn't trust my opinion on it

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