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Hi, my name is Ryan Atkinson and I'm a web developer. I'm focused on building powerful and simple tools to help people be creative and productive in social contexts. I'm driven by curiosity and wanting to improve our lives with technology. This website's homepage lists my ongoing projects.

Some more info:

  • I'm self taught and I've been working as a web dev since 2011.
  • I learned to code with the intention to be a game programmer, but I fell in love with the web at my first job. I owe much to the people there, including my mentor Mario Gutierrez and CEO Grant Farwell.
  • I started Felt and with Hamilton Reed in January 2020 and we're still going.
  • My interest in making games lives on as a hobby in,,, and others.
  • I like Svelte and SvelteKit a lot.
  • My work drive stops when I don't believe my work contributes towards a more just and equitable society. To that end is a co-owned platform without ads, investors, or other major compromises, and almost everything I code is open source.
  • here's an ongoing attempt to credit my influences

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